Once a year, giving your employees the opportunity to see their colleagues in a non-working setting is truly enjoyable, especially when an activity is planned to involve your employees and their families too.

The Nissan Middle East Family Day showed the true meaning of being a family and to spend quality time with their loved ones by participating in fun activities together.

Held at Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, the place turned into a fun and sporty theme park along with a showcase of their vehicle brands – Nissan, Renault and Infiniti.

A number activities were divided into districts. Here at UCL and Olympic Districts, adults and kids compete into games to gain points. As for the objective, the more points you earn, the better chance of winning… as the crowd cheered.. Eyes on the Prize!

As for the little ones who weren’t able to participate in the games, you can see them letting loose, climbing and sliding at the Air District, while others are engaged at the Classic district adding some sparkle into their faces and cruising along the Electric District, car driving fit for their size.

As they say, “Good Things Comes to Those Who Sweat!” Surely, an amazing way to wrap-up the event.

As the production team, we were thrilled to capture these special moments for a perfect corporate family day event coverage.

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