We’ve all been waiting to hit the outdoors in the U.A.E but often find that it is impossible to enjoy the blazing heat in the extended summers. But lo & behold the best time of the year is now here!

The most exciting place to be in Dubai during this time are the unique & magnificent beaches.

Sunny day with cool winds at it best along with restaurants, beach bars & great music on the shore …you’d think it just doesn’t get better than this! Oh but it does, Daylong made sure that all the beach goers at the world famous Barasti beach had their sun care needs taken care of with their wide range of Daylong sunscreen products.

With a vibrant cart placed right next to the pool, Daylong had the crowd bustling & engaged with spin the wheel games, goodies and amazing offers!

Our beautifully Daylong clad hostesses educated the beach goers that although a good tan is always appreciated, it is important to keep the skin protected from the harmful UV rays.


Free samples were distributed to everyone and you could also swap your old sunscreen with a full sized new Daylong product which again was completely free! What a day for those lucky beach goers and we’ve got to admit we thoroughly enjoyed our workspace for the weekend!

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