As the world adjusts to the new reality of life under self-quarantine in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous events are now showcasing online during these trying times.

We at xpogr had the opportunity to work for the first-ever 24-hour Charity Live Event streamed globally in partnership with Best Broadcast Hire, JK58, and Tri Tec AV. As a support partner, xpogr Floor Manager/ Script Sup ensured every aspect of the production was flawlessly coordinated and executed.

This live broadcast aimed to bring 1 billion dreamers and to raise funds for COVID-19 relief efforts. Headline acts included Jason Derulo, Dua Lipa, CeeLo Green, Ricky Martin, Jay Shetty, Deepak Chopra along with so many other artists, athletes, and activists!

All proceeds from this live event were donated to various charities around the globe, including the Global Gift Foundation, Dubai Cares, the International Red Cross, the Red Crescent, and FromU2Them.

Let us take you behind-the-scenes for a week-long preparation before the big day happened.

Getting ready for an exciting but hectic day. Equipment set-up and testing on Day One.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind before the livestream event day. It never hurts to over-prepare!

28th May 2020: Rehearsal day! Making changes on the fly and working quickly to meet the tight deadlines.

29th May 2020: The Big Day! Too much was happening too quickly in a live environment, but we’re still standing and streaming globally for 24-hours.

Behind the camera, we had exciting moments with fabulous hosts Tom Urquhart and Rosemin Madhavji.

Overall, our experience was very fulfilling to be part of and worked with amazing people who’ve been up and awake for more than 24-hours delivering this livestream event for a cause.

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