The use of 2D Animation videos has become a strong force for marketing, especially in social media. Through these platforms, videos can be shared in many types and forms such as explainer videos, corporate videos, animated whiteboard videos, teaser videos, and product demos that are targeted for channels that make video content shareable and go viral.

For this type of project, we had collaborated with the Dubai Police for their exclusive Esaad Privilege Card 2D Animation Video in association with Dubai Airports.

The creative goal is to clearly communicate a story and engage the audience by creating a coherent visual experience. This video presented the idea behind Esaad to achieve community happiness and spreading positivity between the staff of Dubai Police and its participating member entities.

In order to successfully complete the production, we have gathered the elements created and brought them together to produce the animated scenes. The complete scene-by-scene entailed animation layers, color themes, timing, actions, voice-over, and background music.

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