How would you handle a photo-video shoot working with one of the biggest international carriers in the world? We, at xpogr had recently wrapped up a project with Emirates Airlines.

In fact, this TVC project was shot entirely for 3 days at different lounges and check-in counters in Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3 with a cast of more than twenty as passengers of varying ages and nationalities. 

Storyboard, shot list, production schedule and call sheet lined up.  Now, it’s time to put our talent on set!

As a background, the campaign was created by Emirates’ in-house Communications, Brand and Marketing team, while xpogr was appointed as the media production agency. This photo-video production process was approached strategically and creatively to show how much details being placed into the Emirates branding.

To keep up with the airline’s impeccable standards, we’ve been very keen in the selection process from casting, hair & make-up artists and down to wardrobe stylists.

While it may seem incredibly daunting to handle such big production project, but with the right cast and crew along with the support of Emirates Airlines team, the entire shoot ran smoothly.

Overall, the key to a successful production is to be heavily prepared, with every minor detail accounted for. Needless to say, our passion for production is hardwired into xpogr’s DNA to deliver epic video production.

Click on “Pit Stop” over our website for a closer look of Emirates Airlines’ photos & videos.

Photo Credit: Richard Boll



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