Before 2019 ends, we had an opportunity once again to be part of Emirates Airlines’ campaign. Let us take you to our 6-day Emirates Airlines photo shoot and share some insights into how it was all done.

We definitely had leveled up our learning experience, facing more challenges, and getting it all exactly right.

As with any client project, working for this world-class and award-winning airline requires special factors when planning the shoot. It takes a couple of months to meticulously plan locations with a lot of players involved. There’s the airline’s marketing department, talents, photographer, production crew, logistics, and security.

While logistics are always taken care of, however being on-set at airport terminals and Emirates Airlines headquarters, most especially at airside (runway) we had to navigate through security checkpoints. Airport Security was a large component before the shoot and the need to secure equipment pass and crew’s ID badges is very important.

Shooting at a large and busy place may be a bit trickier than usual and the presence of production crew in uniforms is a must-have. This way, security airport personnel can easily recognize someone who belongs to the set.

While there’s a lot going on inside the terminal (landside) and runway (airside) plus the weather condition, we say, communication is the key. We established a chain-of-command when it comes to streamlining any concerns, questions and/or the information and we had ensured that queries reached the right person. At the end of each day, the whole production pulled it off and captured the shots as planned. Rain or shine, the shoot goes on!

It may be crucial at some point to organize the talents as they are regular Emirates Airlines employees. Some are key individuals and their time is extremely limited. But we are very lucky to have built a friendship and worked with truly amazing people. We didn’t miss any chance to have fun on the set.

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Emirates Corporate Communications, Marketing & Brand : Samantha Lobo & Mohamad Al Nebelsia

Photographer: Mike McKelvie

Photography Assistants: Niccolò Corradini, Kishanth Srikanth, Tomas Alesenkovas

Stylist: Sam Safavi (Wardrobe) & Aigul Helbaoui (Hair and Make-up)