Dubai, March 7th 2018 : All day, everyday, around the world – progress is being made by women, for women. International Women’s Day is not specific to a country, group or organization. This day belongs to all women all over the world. The American University of Dubai opened their campus to celebrate women’s day which was graciously sponsored by Cetaphil.

International Women’s Day annually picks a theme, with the hopes of bringing awareness to a certain issue. Students were educated that this year’s theme has picked up the momentum off of viral movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, and encourages us to #PressforProgress, aka join together in pushing global attention towards achieving the ultimate goal of gender equality.

Students were thrilled to see that the AUD campus was temporarily turned into a fun theme park! A number of fun activities were available to students and we saw many letting lose and hilariously rolling themselves across the campus ground after classes. 

For those ladies who weren’t so interested in games, there was a henna artist to make the ladies feel pretty and pampered.

Apart from tents where traditional arab sweets like luqaimat were being prepared and served on the go, there was also a luxurious table spread of canapés, finger food and pastries that was styled to perfection.

After the students had their fill, Cetaphil and Daylong educated them on the need for skin-care especially with the upcoming summer temperatures and offered goody bags to all who visited.

What really shook us up was the surprise visit of Khalid Al Ameri and his wife Salama Mohamed who spoke impeccably about the importance of being bold for change by standing up and voicing out when we notice social disparity thats directed to us or others. Khalid is a social columnist and blogger for local and international publications such as TheNational, Sail Magazine, and MuslimMatters.Org covering areas of education, youth development and social impact. Khalid aims tosparkpositive changes surrounding social issues that affect our everyday lives, and more importantly how we can improve and develop as a society to a better tomorrow. 

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All photographs and videos for the event was taken by xpogr.


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